You have the power to recreate your life.  


With the right encouragement and guidance you can develop the right tools you need to meet any challenge life has to offer.



This site is dedicated to those who are interested in enhancing wellness and improving the quality of their life experience. 


With a strong background in both fine art and counseling; I use a myriad of unique creative exercises, meditation and discussion programs to guide clients toward self discovery.   

With the right tools you can meet any challenge life has to offer.  In these times of rapid change and challenging life problems, I offer clients an opportunity to resolve past issues, improve their life management skills, reduce stress and discover the joy of living.

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Vibrant Spirit Quest

and Feeling Great Cleansing

Colon Therapy, Raindrop Essential Oil Massage, Intuitive Readings, Inspirational Art and Jewelry, 

Young Living Oils and Richway Biomats 

with Cher Elyse Carden B.A., M.Ed., C.T.



Comfort tip during the Pandemic


 Life finds many ways to either send us a message or to help us develop a skill during a time of crisis.  We are in the middle of a very difficult and challenging time. We are being asked to stay at home, stay calm, take excellent care of ourselves, practice social distancing and look after our loved ones and those who are isolated.  For some of us who are consumed by the hustle and bustle of every day life this is very new and different way of being.  Being alone with one's thoughts in an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty can  be a daunting task.   I suggest finding new hobbies that you can do at home.  I myself am taking the time to learn new jewelry making tips by watching instructional videos on YouTube.  It is deeply satisfying to learn something new and it keeps me calm.  I also recommend checking out the many meditation videos on YouTube as well.   Check out Source Vibrations on YouTube. They offer music videos at high frequencies designed to heighten the frequencies of your thoughts and inner experience.  When this crisis is over you can continue to use these new skills to maintain calm and peace when life gets back to normal.  In the meantime, Stay safe, stay calm, be positive and be well.



Consultations  cover topics on:

Love and Relationships




Wellness with Richway Biomat and Raindrop Technique with Young Living Oils

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires



Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

All in person sessions are conducted in Manhattan, NY.  Online sessions are available for out of towners.