Feeling Great Cleansing

Feel Rejuvenated with Colon Therapy in NYC

  • reduces gas and bloating

  • improves regularity

  • improves digestion

  • clears bad breath

  • improves mental clarity

  • reduces headaches and body aches

  • improves sleep patterns

  • enhances energy

  • supports weight loss

  • improves skin

  • restores natural vitality



"...Thanks for a great colonic this afternoon!"  

     A.D. NYC, NY

"...Thanks again for a great colonic!" 

     D.J. NYC, NY

"...I've had multiple colonics with Cher and she is very        gifted.  I've had colonics elsewhere and Cher is

     the best!" J.L. NYC, NY

To make an appointment or for more information on location please click the contact button below to send an email. Please don't forget to leave a phone number in your email where you can be reached during the day and early evening. 

A colonic is a cleansing of the colon with a gentle flushing of filtered water threw the large intestines via a disposable speculum tube.  The speculum is a short tube with two openings to accommodate two longer tubes, one brings water in, the other takes waste out to the drain.  Clients lie on a massage table wearing a gown and towels to preserve modesty. There is no odor because the waste goes directly into the tube.  

During the session the colon therapist massages the reflexology points of the feet as well as the lower back and abdomen to help relax the the recipient as the the flushing of water guides waste through the colon and empties into the tube. The session takes 40 minutes.  Clients typically report feelings of relief and deep relaxation as well as having more energy after the session.


...Food Lifestyle tips

...Proper food combination

...How Probiotics, Fiber Products and Herbs may assist

   with internal cleansing.

...Tips on how and when to do a juice fast

...How to effectively transition from a fast to

   resuming your normal eating lifestyle

...Tips for daily colon maintenance

...Exercise tips for strengthening colon function

...What causes gas and bloating and how to prevent it

You'll also receive a folder with...

...a list of daily and seasonal colon management suggestions

...a list of books and additional literature by health professionals on digestion, elimination    and nutritional topics to meet your educational interests.

...a plan on how to incorporate colon therapy into your colon management program


Please be advised of our cancellation policy.  Clients will be charged for the session for no shows and same day cancellations.

Also be advised, receiving colonics during Crohn's or Colitis episodes or after recent intrusive abdominal procedures or surgeries or immediately after giving birth or during pregnancy are all contraindicated.