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Intuitive Readings (1 hour)

Most people pursue readings to gain clarity regarding a specific concern.  Getting a reading is like talking

with a wise teacher.  I receive images and hear messages from your spirit guides who respond to your

questions.  They never tell a person what to do and always communicate in a positive manner.  They are

respectful of your freedom of choice offering information that is easy to apply to your own wisdom

and inner guidance. I receive information on all matters of concern such as relationships, health, career,

and past lives as well as making contact with departed loved ones.  Sessions begin with a relaxing

meditation followed by a Q & A period and end with a closing thought for the day.  Readings are usually

in person, however readings are available over the phone for out of towners. Recipients are asked to

come to the reading with a list of questions and may record the reading on their phone.  


For more information about my journey into becoming a reader, see More About Cher.   


Raindrop Technique (Young Living Essential Oil Application) (1 hour)








Young Living 100% therapeutic grade essential oils help balance the systems of the body.

 As well as having an uplifting fragrance, essential oils can help the body purge toxins,

soothe acidic conditions,

relax the mind and calm the emotions.

Raindrop Technique: (1 hour) While lying on a soothing infrared heated Richway Biomat filled with tourmaline and amethyst crystals on a massage table, I apply essential oils into the spine and feet.

  • Recipients can choose which system they would like to receive application  for, such as calming the nervous, digestive, reproductive, respiratory systems or emotional balancing.  


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