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Personal Development Consultations (1 hour)


In these times of rapid change and challenging life problems, I offer clients an opportunity to resolve past

 issues, improve their life management skills, and discover the joy of living.

  • Are you easily stressed?

  • Do you feel stifled by persistent negative life situations?

  • Do you have difficulty coping?

  • Do you need help resolving problems or making decisions?

  • Are you having problems getting organized?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?

  • Are you struggling in your relationships?

  • Having trouble forgiving yourself or another?

  • Are you looking for something different than or in addition to traditional "talk therapy"?

I use unique creative visualization exercises, art, movement, role play and/or vocal exercises in additon to discussion.  These exercises are designed to help clients find their inner truth and creative strengths that can't

easily be accessed by talking alone.  Our mind tends to get in our way when we talk.  However the heart never

hides from the truth.  This truth has the power to connect with our inner reserves.  In turn this helps us to use creativity to resolve our life's challenges and problems.  ​


Spiritual Consultations (1 hour)

What does it mean to be spiritual?  Some believe it is about believing in an omnipotent god.  Others believe it is about going to church every week.  Some believe it is practicing religious rituals.   To me it might be about one or all of these things but I prefer to talk to clients about being the best you can be.  You don't have to be believe in God and I'm not here to preach to you about God or religious principles.  What I am here to do is help you look at developing better coping skills, decision making skills, problem solving skills so you have a better chance at having a fulfilling life.  I'm also committed to helping clients examine their lives in the area of what they think having integrity is, and what self respect is and asking one's self what happiness is and what self-love is and how to cultivate both in one's life.  So being spiritual isn't just relating to a traditional religious concept but rather what one feels about one's self and honoring a higher sense of self and living one's purpose.  


  • Are you interested in connecting with a loved one who has transitioned?

  • Would you like to learn how to balance and harmonize your Chakras/Aura (energy centers/field)?

  • Do you want to learn how to improve your intuitive skills?

  • Do you want to develop and practice lucid dreaming techniques?

  • Would you like assistance with developing attributes such as forgiveness, compassion and acceptance?

  • Are you interested in just having a honest look at your life and examining what you would like to change for the better?


Intuitive Readings (50 minutes)

Most people pursue readings to gain clarity regarding a specific concern.  Getting a reading is like talking

with a wise teacher.  I receive images and hear messages from your spirit guides who respond to your

questions.  They never tell a person what to do and always communicate in a positive manner.  They are

respectful of your freedom of choice offering information that is easy to apply to your own wisdom

and inner guidance. I receive information on all matters of concern such as relationships, health, career,

and past lives as well as making contact with departed loved ones.  Sessions begin with a relaxing

meditation followed by a Q & A period and end with a closing thought for the day.  Readings are usually

in person, however readings are available over the phone for out of towners. Recipients are asked to

come to the reading with a list of questions and may record the reading on their phone.  


For more information about my journey into becoming a reader, see More About Cher.   


Raindrop Technique (Young Living Essential Oil Application) 60 minutes


Young Living 100% therapeutic grade essential oils help balance the systems of the body.

 As well as having an uplifting fragrance, essential oils can help the body purge toxins,

soothe acidic conditions,

relax the mind and calm the emotions.





  • Raindrop Technique: (1 hour) While lying on a soothing infrared heated Richway Biomat filled with tourmaline and amethyst crystals on a massage table, I apply essential oils into the spine and feet.

  • Recipients can choose which system they would like to receive application  for, such as calming the nervous, digestive or respiratory systems.  

  • Chakra and Aura Resonance:  (90 minutes) While lying on a soothing infrared heated Richway Biomat I use essential oils and Tibetan bowl toning to help cleanse the emotional body thus enhancing the body's energy centers helping to instill a state of harmony and balance.  

  • Emotional Balancing: (90 minutes) Does it relieve stress?  Absolutely! By applying essential oils to the emotional stress points on the body to release stagnant energy and produce a state of relaxation and peace.


For both the Chakra and Aura Resonance and the Emotional Balancing sessions, I use Young Living essential oils, Tibetan bowl vibrational sound and affirmations to help cleanse the emotional body while enhancing the body’s energy centers to instill a state of relaxation and peace.  


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