About Cher


Cher Elyse Carden is a counselor, intuitive reader, health educator, artist and singer.  With a diverse history of study in many subjects from fine arts to colon therapy to various forms of counseling; she offers health seekers through a variety of services.  This unique background affords her the ability to offer a multifaceted and creative approach to helping clients with  various concerns.  


For 35 years Cher has assisted clients who are looking for guidance during times of life transitions and challenges.  Her experise is helping her clients improve their coping, decision-making and problem solving skills especily during times of emotional distress.  She helps clients resolve unwanted repetitive life patterns and emerge out of emotional stagnation.  He specialties include working with adult children of dysfunctional families.


Having survived cancer twice and a life threatening apartment fire; Cher has learned through experience how the employment of meditation, visualization exercises, creativity through art and music to calm the mind and uplift the spirit.  It is through a program composed of all these exercises and various counseling techniques she helps clients bring out their recuperative and resolution skills.



Cher ELyse Carden M.Ed., C.A.C., C.T.

B.A. Rider Universtiy, Fine Arts Major

M.Ed. Trenton State University, Major in Counseling

C.A.C. Certified Alcoholism Counselor in New Jersey (1983-1989) 

C.T. Certified Colon Therpist for 25 years

Certified Raindrop Practitioner in Progress, 10 years experience

Additional education include Reiki, The Seth Material and Probable Realities, Tarot, Channeling and mediumship, Spiritual Counseling, Health Education, Live Food Instruction, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, 35 years of vocal training and graduate of the Actors Institute and the School for Film and Television.